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Gyroscopic Spin Induced Lenz’s Law Levitation Disc

Maglev Vision proprietary Magnetic Array Suspension Stabilized (M.A.S.S.)levitation disc if allowed to spin gyroscopically on any conductor,preferably Lenz’s Law Levitation Coils will cause the Maglev Monorail Train Maglev Car, Maglev Hoverboard, Maglev Bumpcar to levitate.

Short Circuited Honey Comb Conductor Levitation Coils

Maglev Vision proprietary Honeycomb Lenz’s Law Levitation Coil where according to Lenz’s Law, the conductor preferably Aluminum will produce an induced eddy current creating dynamic vortices as it oppose or repel the external magnetic field coming from a spinning Magnetic Array Suspension Stabilizer

Dynamic Hybrid Magnetic Array Rotary Propulsion Wheel

Maglev Vision proprietary Guardo Magnetic Array uses Superpositioning theorem of permanent magnets arranged in a vector rotation theorem of a Halbach Array where the magnetic field will sum up algebraically will produce a concentrated magnetic fields of 2.0 to 3.0 Tesla.

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About Maglev Vision

About Maglev Vision

The History of the Company's Success

Built on a solid foundation, Maglev Vision Corporation is owned by the same Group that owns United Bearing with 50 years of experience in precision friction reduction technologies– and our partner in the core bearing technology– UBC Bearing and AXPB Bearing, Shanghai, People Republic of China now we proudly bring you MAGLEVATOR = Maglev + Elevator.

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  • 2005

    Maglev Vision Corporation was founded in Manila, Philippines by Domingo So Penaloza and Jose L. Guardo Jr.

  • 2006

    Jose L. Guardo Jr. invented the Rotary Magnetic Array Wheel for Maglev Mass Transportation

  • 2007

    Jose L. Guardo Jr. Invented the MULTI CAR CYCLIC MAGNETIC ELEVATOR

  • 2008

    Maglev Vision joined Shanghai Toy Expo 2018 showcasing Maglev Racer

  • 2011

    Maglev vision developed Spin Induced Lenz's Law Levitation for Maglev train .

  • 2007

    Jose L. Guardo Jr. invented the Maglenetic Levitation Transport System using the Rotary Magnetic Array Wheel with Spin Induced Lenz's Law Levitation.

  • 2010

    DSP Bearing Group UBC (Suzhou) Bearing Co., Ltd. was established in the city of Changshu, Jiangsu, focusing on production of high value and ultra precision bearings.

  • 2012

    DSP Bearing Group 50th Anniversary. Successfully issued 25 million RMB private equity in Shanghai Stock Exchange.

  • 2015

    Jose L. Guardo Chief Maglev Architect of Maglev Vision Corporation presented to Mayor and President Rodrigo Duterte showing his invention the Spin Induced Lenz's Law Maglev Train

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